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The name Nehemiah implies Yahweh has console. Before we even start perusing the book of Nehemiah, the name uncovers that the words will bring solace. Nehemiah offers expectation and considerably more. This book guides us on the most proficient method to beat inconveniences and trust in God while demonstrating Nehemiah’s petition life, initiative, and dedication.

The book opens with news of the critical state of the divider encompassing Jerusalem, the city of God. Nehemiah is a long way from Jerusalem. He’s a slave for a remote ruler in Persia in 444 BC. He asks intensely and consistently. He’s not an otherworldly pioneer or prophet. His fasting and imploring triggers changes. He winds up the legislative leader of Jerusalem and administers the fixes. Through the way toward reestablishing and devoting the divider we gather numerous exercises from Nehemiah on supplication, initiative, conquering adversaries, reestablishing hearts, uprightness, and heavenliness.


1. Man who Understood the Importance of the Call

The fix of the divider and recommitment of the general population is the last written history in the Old Testament. A remainder of the Israelites had returned 70 years sooner and revamped the sanctuary, yet without dividers, the city stayed defenseless against assault. Individuals living in a city without a strong divider stayed unprotected and mortified. Reconstructing the dividers flagged God indeed honored His kin. A decent divider additionally gave the general population a suspicion that all is well and good and network.

Nehemiah sobbed when he heard the news of the broken divider and consumed entryways. He realized that the absence of fixing the divider indicated individuals dreaded men and not God. Accepting the awful news turned into a call for Nehemiah, a test to bring change that would extol God. Think about how God is calling you to have any kind of effect and acknowledge the test.


2. Man of petition

Nehemiah demonstrated to us best practices to appeal to God and tune in for his answers. In part one he invested a long energy in petition from the heart with fasting. He celebrated God with posting the Lord’s characteristics. He admitted sins of the general population. He confided in God’s guarantees to Moses to reestablish the general population. He requested accomplishment before King Artaxerxes. When the lord asked Nehemiah what made him look dismal, Nehemiah said a speedy supplication before reacting.

In section two, God put an arrangement in Nehemiah’s psyche (v12), and he told the general population that God’s hand had been positive to him (v18). This brought outcomes as the general population started working and finished the work in 52 days. His petitions proceeded through the book and mirrored his compliance and heart association with God. Like Nehemiah, we can open our heart in supplication, watch endowments that demonstrate God’s support on us, and tune in with both our psyche and heart.


3. Patient and Hopeful

Nehemiah displayed persistence. He appealed to God for four months previously God addressed his first supplication (1:1,2:1). He took as much time as necessary once he landed in Jerusalem before revealing his arrangement to the general population. He calmly continued reminding the general population to believe God and that God would battle for them and help them. He embodies Isaiah 40:31 that the individuals who hold up upon the Lord will restore their quality.

Nehemiah trusted God would utilize him to get the divider revamped. He never endeavored to assault his adversaries, however believed God would manage them (6:14). In our quick paced, moment conveyance world, we should back off and look out for God’s planning.

He perceived God’s endowments and support (2:8, 18) and imparted the news to the general population to give them trust. We bring trust when we share how God has functioned in our lives.

4. Arranged Planner

4. Arranged Planner

Nehemiah acted with knowledge. At the point when the ruler asked how he could help, Nehemiah shared that he needed to go to Jerusalem and recorded letters he required along the way to get supplies. He took the letters marked by the ruler and grabbed the provisions along the way. He landed in Jerusalem prepared for the work. God put an arrangement in Nehemiah’s brain (2:12).

Once in Jerusalem Nehemiah held up three days without reporting his essence or purpose behind coming. He at that point subtly assessed the harm around evening time. The arrangement included collaboration, determination, and participation, in addition to trust in God. We should set aside opportunity to make cautious arrangements and tune in to God’s direction.


5. Incredible Leader Who Inspired Workers

Nehemiah addressed every one of the general population and roused them to work. He shared the support the ruler gave and how God’s hand had been with him and that spurred the general population. They reacted by going to work instantly. Nehemiah broke them into groups of families to take a shot at the different segments of the divider. He was additionally determinedly arranged when outside restriction started.

Nehemiah had worked for King Artaxerxes sufficiently long to pick up knowledge about initiative. He set an objective to modify and he succeeded. He composed specialists, appointed the work, managed, and ascended to any test. He likewise sustained 150 Jews and authorities day by day without utilizing his stipend as senator.

An incredible pioneer is likewise a worker and comprehends the general population he leads. Pioneers give consolation as Nehemiah did constantly when he expressed they were completing an extraordinary work.


6. No Obstacles Stopped His Work

Each time adversaries harassed them, Nehemiah supplicated. He expressed that God would battle for them. The principle foes lived around the city and didn’t need the divider revamped.

Adversaries attempted different strategies, however Nehemiah stood firm. They mocked and tormented (4:1-6), yet Nehemiah implored, disregarded them, and the work proceeded.

Adversaries compromised to assault, so the general population asked and set up gatekeepers (4:8-15). Nehemiah reminded the general population to confide in God and combined the specialists so one worked while the other remained by, equipped to battle. Nehemiah likewise set up a flag of a trumpet call, so they could rally together and trust God to battle for them (4:16-23).

Foes endeavored to make Nehemiah trade off by illustration him outside the city where they could hurt him, and after that they attempted to bait him to meet in the sanctuary to bargain his confidence. Nehemiah saw through their ploys and declined the gatherings. He expressed that he was completing an incredible work (6:2-4).

Next, the foes attempted to defamation and disgrace Nehemiah with a report they would send to the ruler. Nehemiah answered that they had designed things and afterward he appealed to God for quality. He declined to meet in the sanctuary since he was not qualified to go there. He was not a minister (6:5-12).

Nehemiah defeated all the restriction and the general population modified the divider that laid in vestiges for a long time, in 52 days. We should see impediments as difficulties to press on and trust God.


7. Man of Integrity

Nehemiah remained a man of honesty. He discreetly worked for King Artaxerxes as beverage carrier. That implied tasting each beverage to make sure it contained no toxic substance. Nehemiah was set up to pass on for the lord but then perceived God as sovereign. He indicated regard for the natural ruler when he affably expressed his solicitations.

He never gave in to fear. He generally obeyed God. He modestly remained the mainstream pioneer and had the clerics perused the Word. He remained with the clerics and copyists and individuals to tune in to the perusing of the law and afterward the supplication of admission of the general population.

His name was on the fixed report of the Covenant (10:1). He guided the pioneers and choir to go over the divider. He joined with the pioneers, choir, and individuals to march on the divider. He remained at the House of God for the devotion of the divider and festivity (12:27-43).

Nehemiah stayed faithful to his obligation to come back to King Artaxerxes and after that came back to Jerusalem (13:6). When he found that a few pioneers had given a detestable foe a chance to have a room in the courts of the Lord, Nehemiah tossed them out and reestablished the specialists in the place of God. He likewise prevented individuals from chipping away at the Sabbath, and praised the Levites to filter themselves and play out their obligations (13:8-22, 30). He filtered the general population as per God’s laws. He focused on his activities and concentrated on satisfying God.

We too should carry on with an actual existence of honesty and that happens when we remain associated with God.


8. Wanted Restored Hearts and Relationships

Nehemiah amassed the general population when he knew about battling inside (5:1-13). He chided the general population for not strolling in the dread of God (5:9) and exploiting their own kin. He set new principles and settled the issues. The general population reacted and lauded God (5:13).

Nehemiah’s anxiety for the general population’s hearts appears in the opening supplication of part one, when he expressed that we, the general population, acted corruptly and resisted God’s laws (1:7). In that supplication he requested reclamation of the country of Israel and for God to keep the guarantee to take the Israelites back to Jerusalem, in the event that they would come back to God.

In the wake of finishing the divider, Nehemiah worked with Ezra, the minister to reconnect the general population with God. Our petitions ought to incorporate our craving to remain nearby to God and to help manufacture sound connections.

9. Driven People to Make a New Commitment to God

9. Driven People to Make a New Commitment to God

Nehemiah expressed that God put an arrangement in his heart to collect the general population by families and that prompted Ezra, the cleric perusing the Law of Moses so anyone might hear (7:5). The general population sobbed when they tuned in, however Nehemiah instructed them to celebrate and advised them that God is their quality (8:9).

As a pioneer, Nehemiah looked to the welfare of their kin and not simply the state of the city. Social affair individuals by family bunches advises us that families are the foundation of a country. Nehemiah had families chip away at the divider together and after that gather together to hear the perusing of the God’s Word.

God is constantly cheerful to have us swing back to him and recommit our lives. We should share our confidence and urge our relatives to be loyal

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